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you´re all the same...

great words but no idea 

weak flesh and bone

uphill struggle for absolutely nothing

but the shit of the others

the shit of the incredible masters

the shit of your goddamn doom

you´re bloody idiots

i only wish to slaughter through all of you


23.6.07 22:19


word of the lesson?

you told me, you´ll be right here if i need you

it´s a fucking lie

you were never able to keep your bloody promises

you were never the one to keep me calm and save in your arms

ambitious, loving, caring

that´s what you are

second choice and fool to serve

guess that´s the role of mine...

but, hell, why should i care? you´re nothing to me!

aren´t you?

|you´re fucking waste of hope...|


12.5.07 19:47


you should have never let them inside

now you´ve got your perfect little girl

fucked by anybody but you

you and your sexy ass

you and your beautiful face

you and your understanding

which drove her into that

congratulations, hero!

well done. well done...

11.2.07 00:37

'no time to think of you'

everytime always the same

the point i want anything to be alright

turns into unpleasent mirrortime

what´s left of me is nothing but an old man

rusty bones and a bitter mind

but also proud enough to live against me

deathwish doesn´t get tired of pissing me off

but what can i say

still standing, still ironic and still ambitious to rip some heads off

maybe, that could be the right attitude

right on heretic bastard, you´ll see what you´re made of...

18.12.06 11:27


Sevendust - Prayer


I remember praying,
with you
I remember praying
with you

Feeling alone
And I'm by myself
I can't find no help

Thinking of you
drives me crazy
God, I feel a little lazy,

So much frustration
built inside of me
It's killing me
what am I to do?
I can't lose you

who do you pray to?
who do you pray to?
who do you pray to?

this is my prayer for you
this is my prayer for you

I stand alone
looking at my shoes
they're making me
think of you.

like my daddy said
"Boy be brave,
don't let them take you."
what can I do?
I think I'm losing you.

This is my prayer for you.
This is my prayer for you.

This is my prayer for you.
This is my prayer for you.

It's all I need
It's all I want.

I remember praying
with you. with you
I remember praying
with you

you left me
you're gone
you're gone
you're gone

I remember praying
with you.

17.12.06 10:55


seems like things consumed me this far

so could someone just tell me what the fuck is going on?

bloodlines at the back of my hand

the body´s aching, just like the mind

hours won´t pass by


this bloody thoughts are still the same

and my paranoir laughs behind my back


back to the goddamn lone wolves

16.12.06 22:32

of dead and rebirth

there were the pills, the knives and all of these words

which made me sick

here are the thoughts, the lifes of all that is mine

and so to say nobody´s

let me take your breath away

let me make you bleed and scream

let it be

today we´re puppets and pests

tomorrow we´re dust

and the day after the puppets rise again

i´m cursed by trying to find my strings and the player

i´m cursed by my phoenex-ashes

and yours...

12.12.06 14:04

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