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... lead us ...

I lick the surface of a freedom ride Under a hammering
light....I scream!!! Let's roll the dice of the future,burning
in my hand,I've built destruciton upon the velvet skies
Maybe I'm strong,maybe I'm wrong

Lead us,Shadowchild - soiled bu your faith in disguise
Shadowside - reflecting the eyes

I'm raising hell,a magic spell Pain and pleasure
together as one,I will recall,I will recall When I'm
down the stairs....I spit human cries,I can feel when
they lie My sun being one with the...universe Hear my

Creating my crown from the millions of lights I'm
abused beyond recognition Pre-Millenium futuristic I
predict you all to live Under an individual sun We're all
collecting our senses and run...

Lead us,Shadowchild - soiled bu your faith in disguise,
Shadowside - reflecting the eyes,Lead us,Shadowchild
- the truth's lying far from your life,Shadowside -
reflecting the eyes...


soilwork - shadowchild

23.10.06 17:03


return of the kisses

no one here

no one there

back to normal


just to live

crossing cliffs

and swords to care

no one´s there

(just what i want them to be: nothing!)

23.10.06 21:49


we´re sitting silently broken

we´re back to the feelings

back to nature

back to egoism

back to existence



we´re fucking messed up

and nothing but fools

as we sit here

believing our own words

trusting our feelings



we´re worth living blindly

we´re worth dying silly

we´re dust and fucking wasted thoughts!



one day it will come to an end


26.10.06 19:07


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